Working groups to address campus climate challenges

In 2024, the CCRT will continue its work through working groups focused on four themes:  Communication, Michigan Medicine, Prevention and Education, and Repairing Harm.  CCRT members selected their top choices to groups that aligned with their interest areas. Members also had the opportunity to volunteer to serve as a Co-Chair of one of the working groups.

Working groups will meet one to two times a month and include students, staff, and faculty from all three UM campuses and the UM community.  Working groups are responsible for assessing community needs, collecting data, benchmarking information from other institutions, researching best practices, and developing evidence-based recommendations.  Each group has also been charged with prioritizing the needs, perspectives, and experiences of individuals from marginalized communities in their work.

Working group Co-Chairs meet regularly with the CCRT Co-Leads to enhance synthesis between the groups’ work.


The Communication working group has the important task of coordinating communications related to campus climate and highlighting the CCRT’s accomplishments throughout the year.

Matt Snyder
Elizabeth Armstrong

Michigan Medicine

The Michigan Medicine working group blends specialized insights and operational frameworks of an academic medical center with campus-wide initiatives. This group will evaluate the current state to identify areas for improvement and create strategic recommendations that align with the University of Michigan’s overall goals.

Jim McEvilly
Shelagh Saenz

Prevention and Education

The Prevention and Education working group examines existing UM prevention programming with the goal of increasing synthesis, access, and effectiveness. It will also work to identify new areas and opportunities for education and training.

Sophie Walters
Andrea McDaniel

Repairing Harm

The Repairing Harm working group examines the ways in which the UM community can promote healing, increase support, and build trust within its own community.

Allison Alexy
Kaaren Williamsen